Accept online payments with DusuPay


With DusuPay you can accept online payments accross Africa. DusuPay accepts the major credit and debit cards and a variety of mobile wallets. In order to start accepting payments via DusuPay you need to create an account on their website

Next you'll need to create and activate a Merchant Account.

Once you have an active Merchant Account you can link it to Accounteer.

To do so, go to your settings and select "online payments"

Here you'll find an overview of the available payment gateways. Select DusuPay.

Now you need to fill in a few parameters to link your account.

MerchantID: Identifies your DusuPay account. To find the MerchantID log in to your account on the DusuPay website. Click on the Merchant Account you want to link. On the top of the page you'll find the MerchantID.

MacKey: This code ensures that all data send between DusuPay and Accounteer is secure and cannot be tampered with. You can find the MacKey on the same page as above. Scromm down untill you see "Security MacKey/Salt". Click the "Show" button. The MacKey will now appear. Copy this code to your configuration in accounteer. Make sure you copy the complete code as the code might be linger than the input field.


Account to assign charges: DusuPay charges a handling fee for processing payments. The fee is depending on the type of payment method. You can find detailed pricing info on their website: When your client pays an invoice the amount received will be slightly lower than your invoice amount as you'll receive the invoice amount minus the handling fee. To account for the difference in your books you need to assign this fee to an expense account.

Save your configuration.

You're now ready to accept online payments using DusuPay. When you send invoices to your clients they'll see a payment button they can use to pay the invoice using their favorite means of payment.