Change the layout

To change the layout of your invoices and offers go to the settings by clicking the gears icon in the top right menu. Then select “Invoice templates”.

An invoice template defines the layout of your documents. You can upload the logo, change your contact details and configure all the email messages. By default, you’ll have one invoice template called “Standard”. Click on the edit button to change the layout of your invoices and offers according to your needs.

An invoice template has the following elements:

- Name of the template: in case you have more than one template you can enter a name for your templates to it’s easier to select the correct layout when you’re creating a new document.

- Logo: You can upload a logo in a variety of image formats such as jpeg, png and gif. If you want to remove the logo you have currently uploaded check the “delete” checkbox and save the form.

- Contact details of your organisation

- Days due. This is the default number of days between the invoice date and the due date. You still have the option to overwrite this setting for an individual invoice.

- Locale: this is the language of your document. When you send offers or invoices to your client and they watch it online or open the pdf various elements in the document such as ‘item’, ‘quantity’ and ‘total’ are translated based on this setting.

-The title of your invoices, credit notes and offers. By default, the invoice header will look something like INVOICE INV-001001. By changing the title, you can change the INVOICE part of the header. The invoice prefix (INV) can also be changed via organisational settings.

-Payment instructions. Here you can enter your payment details.

-Terms and conditions. Optionally you can enter your general terms and conditions. They will then be attached to each document you send out. That way there can’t be any dispute about whether your client was aware of your terms and conditions.

- The last section contains all the email templates. You can adjust there to send a more personal message to your contacts.

It’s possible to configure more than one invoice template. This is used when your business is trading under multiple names or when you service clients in multiple languages.

To create a new invoice template based on an existing one click the duplicate button. To create a complete new invoice template, click on “Add invoice template” button on the top right of the page.

If you don’t need specific layout anymore you can archive the template. It won’t be physically deleted but it will be hidden from the template dropdown when you create a new document. The layout will still be applied to any of the invoices or offer you made using this template.