Create a new offer

Offers, also called quotes, are price proposals you send to potential customers. It gives a detail of the proposed products or services and the associated price. This way both you, and the customer, agree upfront about the conditions.

To create a new offer, click on “Sales”, “Offers” in the left main menu. This opens the list offers page. On the top right of that page click “Create offer”.

Now enter all the details of the offer:

1. Select the client for which you want to make an offer. If the client does not exist yet you can create a new one by click on the plus icon.

2. Add one or more items to the document. Each item has a mandatory title, quantity, price and tax field. The title is the name of the product or service. Optionally you can fill in the description field to add more details.

By default, the price is the unit price excluding sales tax. This means sales tax is added on top of the price to calculate the offer total. E.g. when the quantity is 2, the unit price is 100 and the tax rate is 20% the total off the offer will be 2 x (100 + 20%) = 2 x (100 + 20) = 240. If the entered unit price already includes sales tax tick the “Incl. VAT” checkbox. For this same example, the total offer price will then be 2 x 100 = 200.

3. Once complete press the save button on the bottom right.

Your offer / quote is now ready. You can preview the offer, download it as a PDF file, send it to your customer. And if the offer is accepted you can convert the document to an invoice.