Create a new organisation

This article will show you how to create a new organisation. We’ll show the steps to create an organization when you first log in. And we’ll show you how to add additional organisations to your account.

Create a new organisation when you first log in

When just created your account, you’ll be presented with the screen below. Press the “Start” button to set up your business, or use this direct link.

Now enter all the details of your business.

  • Organisation name: this is the official name of your business
  • VAT: VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is equivalent to Sales Tax. This is an optional field. You only have to fill it in if your company is registered for VAT.
  • Enter your contact and address details
  • Adjust the time zone to your current location to keep track of the exact date and time when you process transactions.
  • Pick the appropriate currency for your business. Usually this is the official currency of the country your business is registered in. All your transactions will be recorded in this currency. It is however possible to send invoices and process transactions in different currencies. E.g. when you trade with foreign business partners. Those transactions will then be translated to the configured currency.
  • The invoice prefix precedes the invoice number. E.g. when you leave the default “INV” prefix your invoice number will look like INV-00001, INV0002,…
  • The offer prefix has the same purpose as the invoices prefix but for offers / quotes send to your potential clients.
  • You have the possibility to define the starting number of your invoices and offers. This is useful when you already created invoices prior to start using Accounteer or if you don’t want your customers to know you just started, therefore you want to start from a higher number. E.g. when you set the invoice starting number to 1.000 your next invoice will have number INV-01001. The next invoice will have the configured number plus one.

Your business is now configured and you’re ready to start your journey as an Accounteer. You can now create invoices, track expenses, record payments and much more.

Add an additional organisation to your account

Sometimes you have more than one business, or as an accountant you are responsible to manage the administration of multiple customers. To add an additional organisation, on the top right of the page, click on the arrow down next the name of the organisation you are currently working on. This drop-down list all the organisations you have access to in case you want to switch. It’s also the pace when you can find the button to add a new organisation.

Complete the form in the same way as described above.