Create new sales invoice

To create a new sales invoice. Go to “Sales”, “Invoices” in the left main menu. This opens the list sales invoices screen. On the top right click “Create Invoice”.

1. Select the client for which you want to create a new invoice. If the client does not exist yet you can create a new one by clicking the plus icon.

2. Select the Issued and due date of the invoice. The issued date should correspond to the date you made the sale or when you delivered the services.

3. Optionally you can enter a reference. This could for example be the name of a project, or a purchase order number provided by the client.

4. The invoice number (code) is generated automatically when you approve the invoice. As long as you haven’t approved the invoice you can still make changes to it and the invoice number will be marked as “DRAFT”.

5. Enter the line details of the invoice. In the title field enter the name of the product or service. Optionally you can use the description field to add more details. Enter the quantity price and the appropriate tax / VAT rate. By default, the price entered is the unit price excluding tax. This means tax is added to the invoice total based on the selected tax rates. If the price entered already included the sales tax check the “Incl. VAT” checkbox. The last step is to select the general ledger account to which the sales are posted.

6. In the remarks field you can enter any remarks or instructions you might want to add to the bottom of the invoice.

7. Once ready press the “save” button.

Once your invoice is final press the “approve” button in the top right context menu. This locks your invoice and creates the appropriate accounting entries.

Now you can send you invoice to your clients via email, or you can download the document as a PDF file and print it. Sending invoices digitally is the preferred option. It’s fast and convenient. Plus, with our email tracking feature you’ll know exactly when a customer has received it invoice.