Track the status of your email

Email tracking allows you to follow up on the status of the digital document send to your client. This way you always know if your message has reached its destination and if your client has viewed your email.

On the bottom of an invoice or offer you see the history of a document. This history overview tracks all the actions taken on the document. When it was created, when a payment was received, and to whom it has been sent.

Next to each recipient a label indicates the status of the message. Statuses can be the following:



The message has been scheduled for delivery in our system


The message has been send to the recipient



The message has been delivered to the inbox of the recipient



We didn’t receive an immediate callback that confirms the message has been successfully delivered. We’ll check again later.


The message did not reach its destination. Most likely there was an error in the email address you send the message to.



The recipient has opened your message in his inbox



The recipient has clicked a link in your message to see the document in his web browser.



Unfortunately, the message has been marked as spam and has been quarantined. Contact the recipient directly and ask him to white list the message. Future email will receive without problem.

Click on the label to see a complete event history of the message.